Error establishing a database connection (WordPress)

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Server 512 RAM
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Hi there, I'm having a really hard time figuring this out...

My website shows up "Error establishing a database connection" on occasion. This happens about once a day. As soon as I reboot the droplet, the problem's gone. I've tried adding the following 2 lines in my wp-config file, as suggested on some other forums, but it didn't work:

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '500M');

From what I read around the web, it seems that 512mb of RAM is perfectly fine for a wordpress multisite, if set correctly - though I'm having a hard time with a single (low content) site, without many plugins. I've also disabled/deleted the plugins that could potentially eat up a lot of memory, such as wp-backup.

There is a solution ?

I don't see something wrong in the mysql error log :

Thanks for you help.
Otherwise, i need to move to an other hosting :(


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