Help with private name servers setup

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Can we setup 1 set of private name servers that will work all of our Vultr servers & if so how do we do it? Our servers will be mainly Plesk on Windows..

What we want is something like & that will work on all our servers that are hosted by Vultr (each server will have it's own Plesk installed). We want something similar to the Vultr name servers: ( & (

I am assuming we have to do at least 2 things but would appreciate some directions / clarification:

STEP 1: Setup glue/child records at our domain name host like / & point them to the same ip's that vultr uses / (or do we point them to our own reserved ip's?).

STEP 2: Add the name servers & ip's to "".. example: / & /

Do we have to register each name server in every instance of Plesk so it knows about them?

Thanks :)


  • I'm thinking step 2 should be the host name & static ip address of the server (example: / & then this should be registered in plesk?
  • seems like no one reply in 5 years are you still with vultr

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