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I am on vultr 4GB plan and i have just 4 wordpress sites on my server with moderate traffic less say 400 visit per day on all blogs yet it uses all 4GB RAM, i dont know what to do as this has now become a regular habit. screenshot from htop


also i use serverpilot on ubuntu 14.04


  • That doesn't tell the whole story (you do seem to have a metric load of mysqld processes though...)

    Run 'vmstat 2' and monitor the si & so columns (swap in/out), if they show a lot of activity, then yes maybe you are using all memory and then some...

    Remember, the simple fact that it looks like all your memory is being used could just mean that it's being used for cache, rather than just sitting empty, if it's actually needed by programs, it'll be reclaimed).

    On Linux, if you have a newer enough kernel and procps, free now looks like

    $ free -h
    total used free shared buff/cache available
    Mem: 3.9G 1.3G 714M 29M 1.8G 2.4G
    Swap: 2.0G 30M 2.0G

    Note the available column, that's how much can still be used by programs if need be. You'll notice how it's roughly free + buff/cache.
  • Since your server isn't using swap space, chances are the memory being used is cached data, which isn't a probably. Remember, RAM that isn't being used is wasted. You want your server to use as much RAM as possible for cache so your pages load faster.
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