Just upload your own ISO system is installed, the account was suddenly suspended for no reason in Help

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Just upload your own ISO system is installed, the account was suddenly suspended for no reason, I have not yet started using just installed VPS.

Hudson Keynes
2014-05-31 03:38:45 I did not do anything, I break the law in the end what? Who in the end I received a complaint? ? Please tell me.
Hudson Keynes
2014-05-31 03:18:33 I only just installed the WIN system, have not started using your VPS, I'm in the end what the terms of the law? ? Please tell me carefully, I do not know, I'm very angry.
Don Perry
2014-05-30 16:17:25 We have suspended your VPS due to information we have received indicating that your account is in violation of our Terms of Service/Acceptable Use Policies, the full text of which is available online at the following URLs for your convenience:

TOS - https://www.vultr.com/legal/tos.php
AUP - https://www.vultr.com/legal/use_policy.php
SPAM - https://www.vultr.com/legal/antispam_policy.php

Please respond as soon as possible with as much detail as you can provide regarding the activity in question and what you intend to do to ensure it does not occur in the future. If the VPS in question is compromised, you may launch a new one at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-- Complaint Response Team --


  • This is something that would need to be resolved via a ticket. Looking at your account now though, this appears to be solved.

    Note that you are responsible for security your VPS. The internet can be a hostile place, so you should ensure you have secure passwords set as well as running a firewall.
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