Difference between a COMPUTER and STORAGE instance ?

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Is that type of hard disk the only difference between these two kind of instance ?

I mean is that the SATA instances' CPU or memory is the same as the SSD ones?


  • Our compute instances offer a higher cpu, faster storage, and are overall optimized for faster performance than storage nodes.
  • but what if you take the 2 CPU 4GB RAM from STORAGE instance and compare to the 2 CPU 4GB RAM from COMPUTE instance, is the difference only in the type/size of the hard disk?
    Another question: will the auto backup and the snapshot feature be ever available for the storage instances?
  • Compute instances are optimized for performance so they will outperform storage even in that scenario. We do not yet have an official ETA for snapshots on storage instances.
  • I have a few compute instances and a storage instance. The computer nodes are much more responsive, even with similar numbers of cores and memory. The storage node has much much more storage space though.

    Basically, if you are running on-line backups and nothing else, you will want to use a storage node. For anything else, like a website or e-mail server or game server, you will want a compute node.
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