Backup and restore

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The ability to have scheduled back and the ability to restore these would be really good.


  • snapshot feature would be much more better
  • Snapshots & backups are on the way! This functionality is in early Beta and the the team is currently testing and improving this feature. Snapshots & backups will be offered to everyone once we are confident all outstanding issues have been resolved.
  • DO recently added transferring snapshots between accounts, so that will be something to think about too. It would make it easy for new people who are having problems setting up a server to get someone to do it for them then just send them the snapshot.

    Another example would be if you sold your website and just want to transfer the whole thing to them so they don't have to reconfigure their server.
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    yes, I saw the news like it too (DO)
    Can you send me a snapshot to try it, thank you :)
  • @darky - We will allow the same.
  • @DaveA - you guys are awesome!
  • For me, this is very prioritary, but I know that snapshots are in beta-almost done :)

    Waiting ...... . . . . . . .
  • Thanks @Hackson.

    @KeyJey - snapshots will be live this week.
  • @DaveA - As I said in LET, keep improving, u're doing veeeery good job. Thanks ! ;)
  • I've added the users on this thread to the Snapshot Beta - you can forward us any bugs and feedback using our support section.

    We are still cleaning up some details and issues for this feature but should be making it available to all very soon.
  • may I join the test group?
  • @mike, and me too :)
  • @DaveA Snapshots seem to work very well, just a few suggestions:

    - Enable scheduled snapshots in rolling slots so it can be used as a backup solution
    - Update the HOW-TO articles to describe how to change a server to using DHCP
    - Update the API & documentation to support snap shots
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    +1 for scheduled snapshots, and deleting of old ones.

    Also add prorated pricing for deleted shots.

    Edit: I just noticed that DO's snapshots are free, and there is an option for an off-site backup for 20% of the droplets price.

    That's something to consider too.

    Cannot see myself using this much. Don't want to pay a full month for 1 hour of use for example.
  • @DaveA Any news on bringing officially the snapshot feature? or could i be included on the beta testing?

  • I've added the new requests to the BETA snapshot program. Thank you for the feedback so far.
  • @mike Can you add me to the BETA snapshot program?

    Thank you
  • Please add me to BETA snapshot program.
  • You have been added to the BETA program.
  • Can you add me too to the snapshot BETA?
  • Please add me to BETA snapshot program.
  • +1
  • Could you please add me to the snapshot beta?

  • Added!
  • If we use the snapshots for the purpose of moving containers from one location to another, it would be quite expensive since we are billed immediately for a month's worth when technically we only need the snapshot for a small period of time. The monthly billing of snapshots does not seem to fall in line with the rest of the products that Vultr offers I hope you guys would reconsider.

    my 2 cents
  • I'd be very happy to test Snapshot, I'd love to be added to the Snapshot BETA if the opportunity is still available. Thank you.
  • @sonontse - We are evaluating this feedback and we will make some changes to make this product align more with the rest of our offerings.
  • Looking forward to snapshot feature.
    Any ideas when it will be available?
    In the mean time - if you still accept beta users - I am up for it!

  • I too am looking forward to the snapshot feature and am willing to join the beta group if that is still available. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  • if you still accept beta users - I am up for it too.
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