Pooled Bandwidth

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I would really like to be able to run a reverse proxy with load balancing, then behind that have multiple instances for horizontal scaling. If the bandwidth were pooled I could use the bandwidth from all instances even though all the outside connections are going through a single instance. This would be great in conjunction with a vLAN.


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    This, very much this!

    Would transfer my entire linode setup over here in a heartbeat if this was implemented.
  • +1

    Especially useful in the Sydney and Tokyo datacentres.
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    This would be great with the new Private Network option!

    +100,000,000 (Shows how much i really would love this!)
  • +100,000,001 (Just to do one better that Da Man! :-) )

    Yeah, seems a good idea. Useful, and fair, as customers would still just be using the bandwidth paid for, but in a better way to them, and not in a negative to VULTR.

    What better way to encourage lots of backend servers not requiring public IPs (if that functionality is ever added)

    It would be even more useful as far as fault tolerance goes if it was possible to request different physical KVM hosts, though I can see some of the problems with this functionality...
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    "It would be even more useful as far as fault tolerance goes if it was possible to request different physical KVM hosts, though I can see some of the problems with this functionality... "

    I guess the development of the load balancing functionality possibly will include fault domains as a feature available to everyone (like MS Azure).
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    @Netpioneer ahhh. I was thinking of 'roll your own', but a Vultr organised solution, for the right price is a neat idea!
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    @jamie I'm not discarding poor man's solutions :-) What I meant to say was Vultr is currently developing load balancing functionality and possibly their LB product will implement the concepts of "fault domains" and "affinity groups" which eventually could be set deploying VMs even if the client is not using LB.

    Regarding price, the cheap solutions (CloudStack, Profitbricks, etc) implement LB as simple instance, a virtual appliance (e.g. virtual router), not exactly what I would call a robust/dependable/scalable solution but running it in HA it works and it is cheap. :-)
  • @Netpioneer - cheers for the info!

    Apart from straight forward server emulation, I'm pretty new to all this 'cloud' stuff, so don't really know what's out there. (I'm from the old skool: boxes, wires, Halon cyclinders, and cat5 spaghetti! - I could even mention BNC, 10base5, and even DRS6000 rs232 'donkey wallopers', but I won't, as that will make me sound old!)
  • I hate to do it, but this is on page 4/12 and i really like the idea of having it. Bumpy bumppp!
  • @BensDaMan goes bump in the night!
  • any advancements on this ?
  • This feature is in development but we may open a closed beta for this in the coming weeks. If you have any specific requests for this feature, please add it to this discussion.
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    @mike Yassss!! Thanksss!! <3
  • I love you, @mike.
  • great to hear pooling is being done, I can finally start moving my services from DO to vultr :D
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    any updates about this ? that would really be awesome and solve my only issue with the storage plans
  • Any update on this?
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    Hey guys,

    This feature was postponed in favor of a few other updates (such as one click apps, location & plan expansion, DNS panel, internal upgrades, etc) but we still plan to implement and open a beta for this, likely this summer. Thank you for your patience.
  • Still want this, since a bottom-tier compute VPS makes a great dedicated firewall and load balancer (running something like pfSense) for a pool of more expensive ones.
  • Agreed, I would definitely benefit from pooled bandwidth. Hoping to see this feature rolled out in the near future.
  • Would greatly benefit from this. One of the primary reasons to jump to vultr is the custom iso install. I can easily see people using something like pfsense and private networking to create a sub-network within a physical location at vultr.
  • Any update on this. I am currently on Linode and would love to migrate to Vultr for two reasons - storage instance and price/performance. However until pooled bandwidth is in place I'd hold back.
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