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  • +1 It looks like linode has had this since early 2010.
  • Any date on this?
  • Hello,

    I'm currently evaluating your services and would like to know if this feature has been implemented yet.

    I have about 15 or so instances with another VPS provider that already has this feature and I would love to know if this is also available here.

    Thank you.
  • Also would love to use a private pfSense router in front of our VPS private network (and setup site-to-site VPN links with our other networks). Being able to pool bandwidth would lower drawbacks of this type of setup.
  • As a side note (and it's probably a non issue, just making sure in case there is Hypervisor/network IP filtering on the public side), but when pooling bandwidth, you'd also want to be able to "pool public IPs" - being able to assign multiple IPv4 addresses on the firewall VPS (and NAT them through the private network). And probably being able to also get an IPv6 subnet (and probably being able to distribute to the private network using DHCP6)
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    Any News About Bandwidth Pooling ? This is a MUST for moving existing VPS from other providers to VULTR ! Please
  • I'm waiting for this too, I don't wanna waste bandwidth when I put a LB or a FW infront of my instances, please push on this, thanks :)
  • This feature makes senes. Or, simply allow to buy bulk BW in advance and assign to a VPS to prevent outages.

    Without this feature, it does not allow a cheap LoadBalancer among back VC2s.
  • I'm waiting for this too
  • @adamMc I'm a little confused by how you would have an outage without bulk buying I'm under the impression that Vultr has bandwidth overage charges and won't cut you off.
  • no bandwidth pooling? that is ridiculous. And promised "this summer" 2 years ago. running a frontend LB is pretty much standard these days. Guess VULTR is making money on the overages, and are not in much of a hurry to make what is essentially a minor change in their billing system. Now I need to find a useful way to utilise my credit here, as I won't be moving my systems across.
  • 1+
    I use a smaller node as a firewall appliance, bandwidth on the $40 $80 and $160 nodes are not being used, please implement bandwidth pooling. I'm thinking of migrating out because of this
  • +1 would like the feature too
  • +1 I would make Vultr my primary VPS provide if this was implemented
  • yep, this would be a great feature. I wonder if there is a concern on Vultr's end that they would loose money from people not upgrading. If this is a case, then it might be a valid concern, as every company must make a profit. If this feature were enabled, I would be willing to accept a reasonable "enable" fee for this feature.
  • Any updates on this? I am evaluating moving our entire fleet over to vultr but cannot afford to do so if bandwidth can't be pooled for load balancing reasons.
  • would love this
  • I think this is necessary. If not, it will bring a lot of restrictions on the design of the network architecture.

  • +1 to this.

    They said in Jun it is still in closed beta on Twitter. Now it is almost half a year later and still no signs of it becoming public?


  • +1 to this.

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