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I have 2 instances running.
I can login, scp, http, etc to each one, using ip or domaine names.
But each machine can't find the other. For example scp from machine fails.

for example wget from machine one grabbing contents from machine 2 :

wget http://108.61.176.***
--2015-10-13 20:33:53-- http://108.61.***.***/
Connecting to 108.61.***.***:80... failed: No route to host.

What I want to do is proxy a domaine name from host one to host two (using apache mod_proxy and proxy) but it fails :

[Tue Oct 13 20:30:55 2015] [error] proxy: ap_get_scoreboard_lb(1) failed in child 10895 for worker proxy:reverse
[Tue Oct 13 20:30:55 2015] [error] proxy: ap_get_scoreboard_lb(0) failed in child 10895 for worker http://********.fr/

any idea how to fix this ?


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