SNAPSHOTID is not working in create call in Features and Ideas

edited October 2015 in Features and Ideas
I am creating a Compute instance from previously created snapshot, but the newly created server is not restoring the snapshot as it has different OS which I have passed in the create call.

1.) How can I use SNAPSHOTID to restore the new server from that snapshot.

2.) Should I use any instance type(Compute or Dedicated) to restore that snapshot or it will only work with the same instance as snapshot has?

3.) Should I pass random location relevant to the instances type when I am creating a new server from the snapshot?


  • 1) Can you open a ticket with the exact API call you're performing? The only thing I can think of here is that you are not passing the proper OSID (this needs to be the snapshot one)

    2) Snapshots can be restored to any instance type

    3) You'd pass whatever location you wanted, snapshots are not restricted to any particular location.
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