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Hi, we need a lot of disk space to store images and other files for our web applications.

Since Vultr's storage instances are cheaper and offer more space than compute ones, we're thinking to use a storage instance to host all those files and to access it like it was a local disk from the compute instances.
We can use a simple mount command for achieving that..

Do you think this could be the best way? Are there any other options? Would the performance be good enough?


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    You have asked whether the performance is "good enough", but haven't provided quantitative data to the result you are looking for.

    How many IOPS/mbps can you get away with on your application?

    Does the data need to be accessed by the compute instances (privately), or by a client computer (publicly)?

    Without knowing at least a basic outline, I'm afraid providing advice isn't really easy.

    There are plenty of benchmarks around as well, on top of being able to spin up an instance and benching it yourself for only a few cents.
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