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Could anyone help me please?
When I searched Google my website, I suddenly saw that it appeared with the subdomain, not the main domain. It worked normally before, and I've not touched it. Please help me check and change it back.

This seems to be related to alias, but I don't know why it is.



  • Could anyone help me please?

  • I would guess that your web server has both addresses enabled. Perhaps one as the ServerName and the sub-domain as the ServerAlias. Removing the alias should cause search engines to only see the base domain name as a functioning website.

    It might also be possible the sub-domain is enabled in your DNS records and removing it do you just have the main domain should fix the issue.
  • Thank you for your help. However, I don't know what to do:(
    - I use Centos and checked /etc/hosts or /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and cannot see anything related to this sub-domain. Actually, I am the Admin, and I did not touch anything.
    - I checked in hosting and DNS provider and did not find this sub-domain.

  • Perhaps you should do a look-up on the sub-domain and find out why it is resolving to your server? Someone must have added the sub-domain for search engines to pick it up.

    By the way, I tried to resolve the sub-domain listed above and it comes back as unknown, but the base domain, does resolve. so, perhaps as an alternative action, if the sub-domain does not exist, you should create it and redirect traffic to that sub-domain to your base domain. that way any misguided traffic will go to you as originally intended.
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