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I have an instance with WHM/Cpanel installed. Trying to host a site using it. I have a domain registered with Godaddy.

Do you have a guide on how to do this, please?

I have added the Vultr nameservers to Godaddy for the domain in question but its not redirecting the the cloud instance with Cpanel.

Basica;lly I would like to have this domain as a website hosted with Cpanel as if I were a customer of my own hosting company or just have it as the main domain for the server as if it were the homepage of a hosting company.

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • If you'd like paid assistence to help get up and running, you can private message me and we can talk about the situation. If you'd prefer free community support, perhaps you could give us some more information. Specificially, it might help to know what happens when you try to ping your domain name, what the DNS entries look like in your Vultr namespace service and how long it's been since you set everything up. (In my experience it can take a few hours for new domain settings to spread.)
  • Hi there,
    This might be a little late but try this YouTube video I've personally used this to setup the same situation you have described. While it might not be the most efficient solution, it's worked a treat for my domain.
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