additional IPv6 /64 blocks?

edited January 2016 in Features and Ideas
It would be really nice to be able to request additional IPv6 /64 blocks. When setting up VPN servers, it's best practise to let the VPN networks have their own /64 subnets. In fact as seen in the OpenVPN documentation (, OpenVPN requires a unique routed network range.

P.S. The new reserved IP feature lets us reserve additional IPv6 /64 blocks, but there seems to be no way of attaching the reserved IPv6 subnets to any servers. So the reserve IPv6 function is entirely useless. Is it going to be fixed soon?


  • You can attach reserved IPv6 subnets to instances, but the instances must also have a non-reserved IPv6 subnet assigned as well. A floating IPv6 subnet cannot be the only subnet on a machine.
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