Download backups and snapshots

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One thing I've noticed missing, is the inability to download images & snapshots. This could overcome in certain circumstances the limitations about backups being images only - we could download the image, mount and extract the files we want.

Just an idea. And a compressed image would be reasonably small (compared to the disk size) I would think. Certainly when you need it you need it!


  • Hi, evang!
    I'm not sure it would be practical. For compression of snapshots it would be necessary to zero free space on the virtual disks. If you want locally to mount the snapshot, you need to have same virtual machine (I guess).
    I use snapshot feature to take a snapshot of one stage in OS installation. Regarding backups, I don't find 2-day backup history very useful.
    I suggest using rsync. It compresses files during the transfer, and transfers only new and changed files, and you can have history as long as you like. (In case of snapshots you would have to download whole snapshot every time.)
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