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Hi guys,

I have messaged General Inquiries twice over the last month with no response, also no response via Twitter.
I am the owner of account justin.riedyk (at) gmail (dot) com and due to losing my Google Authenticator I cannot login.

Can you please assist in removing the 2 Factor Authentication?
To confirm this is infact me please feel free to contact me on my phone number or email attached to that account.



  • We haven't received any of your contact requests. Can you try emailing us at
  • I have just sent an email from my address mentioned above, its odd you havent recieved the general inquiries. I even sent another one yesterday.

    Seems your form may be broken.
  • I have recieved a response instantly, this is the support im used to.
    You guys are great :)

    But for sure check out that General Inquieries box.
  • I've found your contact requests now, it looks like they were all responded to pretty quickly. I've checked our mail server logs, and these responses were delivered to gmail successfully. Can you verify they didn't end up in your spam folder?
  • Hi Device,

    Back in my account again :)

    I have no SPAM in my gmail SPAM folder.
    And I do not have any automatic forwarding or sorting rules in place.

    Very strange situation indeed.
    Anything else I can check for you guys?
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