why no reseller program or discount?

edited January 2016 in Features and Ideas
I have to say I don't really understand why you provide an API the create etc vps easily but no kind of reseller/discounted vps pricing scheme for developers/business resellers. As I could no doubt resell a few vps for deploying web hosting etc, however currently putting a decent margin on top of your standard prices makes it totally uncompetitive to do that. Especially if you want windows. (Why don't you make windows 2008 server available with its less rip off licence costs? - i know its not up to you what a windows licence costs but 2012 R2 is the most expensive by far....)

I have seen other threads on the issue, but we are not looking for you to handle billing etc etc (you just bill us once a month as usual at a discounted rate). But seems crazy to provide these features to easily deploy vps but no incentive...


  • The option of Windows Server 2008 would be quite nice - many people simply do not need the 2012 version, even though it is much better.
  • Server 2008 R2 went EOL last January. We don't really want to encourage people to use an obsolete operating system.
  • Resale should be adding value, and if your customer doesn't want to pay for the added value, then you are not adding the right value.
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