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Hello Forum,
so I'm trying to send notification events whenever a vps, reboots or shutdown etc ...

I was able to achieve this functionality as follow

for the initial setup , this is easy I used the custom scripts
for startup I used /etc/init.d
for reboot and halt /etc/rc0.d and /etc/rc6.d

Now this works perfectly if the shutdown or reboot commands are from the host
but this does not work when I initiate the shutdown or reboot from the Vultr UI or the Vultr api

is there a way to have a shutdown script associated with an instance?



  • I don't think you can do that from within an instance since a shutdown through Vultr's control panel (or API) would be invisible to the guest OS. You could set up a script on your own workstation which tries to ping the VPS every minute and notifies you if it does not get a response.
  • is there any way to achieve this without having to have a seperate monitor
    I really hope there is a way to do this.. I think cloud-init support this but not sure if vultr support cloud-init ?

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