South America location

You guys rock for global presence, but no South America. My app ( ) depends on a distributed network of anchor nodes and I'd like to add one down there. I'd do that if you had a presence. Brazil is probably pretty good since I get a lot of hits from there, but anywhere well-networks in SA would work.


  • We are opening Miami with great connectivity to South America. Unfortunately we have no way to economically service South America from within Brasil at this time.
  • Miami does not have that great connectivity to South America, Dallas is better, as far as that's concerned. If you want to get close to South America, Mexico City would be a good place to put a center.
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    I work with some Brazilians websites and have been using a SSD VPS from Miami and a SATA one from New Jersey. With both I had conectivity problems like from Brazil I couldn't ping or access my server. Support both time, told me that was a problem OUT from Vultr network. We Brazilians are ancious to have High Performance SSD VPS "in" a Brazilian data center (I sugest it be in Sao Paulo, that is the most important and big city of Brazil)
    Vultr have very goods VPS with amanzing performace, but if you have this kind of problem describe above, the solution is have it "in" South America, adding that we will avoid the delay between EUA to South America. (From Sao Paulo usualy be around 220ms)
  • on time: I can talk by myself and I´m ready to pay the extra cost to have it "in" Brazil.
  • Please reconsider with Brazil. The only reliable option there right now is AWS which is stupidly expensive for smaller businesses. Surely you guys could offer something priced between your standard offerings and what AWS costs?
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