Spesification For game server hosting

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Hi, can you recommend for an gameserver hosting vps/dedi plan
i want to run about 6-8 csgo/tf2/gm server around 24 slots each

thanks for the help


  • A quick google search told me that for that many slots, set aside 1gb RAM + 1-2 cores per gameserver instance for 24 slots. For CS:GO and TF2 a core each would do (however it WILL peg the core at 100%, which may upset VULTR a little bit. Personal experience tells me that you should definitely leave 2 cores for GMOD.

    But yeah, google is pretty neat.
  • SCRDS servers can only utilize 1 core! FYI!
  • Mmm, my recommendation of having 2 cores as a system requirement for GMOD is due to the fact the system has to constantly pull assets. Sure, it pegs CPU like the other gameservers, but leaving some breathing room for the much more I/O intensive GMOD server works much more reliably.

    Most cloud providers get upset when you peg a core 24x7, so you may wish to beat them to it and ask them about your options.
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