Domains are offline but server is running

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This is very strange to me, but my domains are offline (like they are not in contact with the server) but the server has been running, so i restarted it and everything came back online now they are down again (i guess after few minutes of working).

I use plesk 12.5 and Ubuntu 14.4. Also i have multiple IP(2 actually)

Thanks for your help.


  • I also get a similar situation. My domain is unreachable, but my another domain which is hosted on the same server is working. The configuration was the same for both sites.

    The weird thing is that whenever I access it says "website is unreachable", but when I tried adding /something it says "404 not found". I think the site is working, but the problem is that the domain was hacked ( it was hacked before ).

    Anyone has an idea of fixing this problem?


  • facing the same issue even in 2019

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