DDoS Protection in Australian Locations

To whom it may concern,

I am sure everyone here in Australia is enjoying the cosmetic changes of the new Vultr website and plethora of other small niceties but it raises the question on how these are getting prioritized over providing a better service. I won't play dumb, as I am sure Australia is only a small part of your business, but speaking for the greater Australian audience: we don't want a new theme, we don't want one click install, we don't want revamped holodeck statistics that will only be used once yada yada... we want DDoS protection and have been inquiring about it over a year! Yet every time that we inquire about it the same generic response is served with a cold dish of 'we don't care', over and over again, "it is not happening right now but is a possibility of the future". The fact is that Australian customers are constantly raped when it comes to hosting, with Vultr being one of the few decent products available. Yet majority of popular services hosted on Australian VPSes will have more support tickets about being null-routed then actual questions. Yet after being with you for over a year it still feels like I am being bent over constantly and having the fact thrust in my face that I just have to take it as there is nowhere better to go.

Help us out here Vultr...
All Australians


  • I too have found the lack of support regarding the Australian network somewhat disappointing. Some instances I've managed have had issues with packet loss, but fortunately, they seem to have been fixed, but the solution took months. DDoS attacks have been a problem for quite a while now, after running game servers for over a year, they just seem to become more of a common target. I'd hate to see the same delays in introducing DDoS protection as there was for solving some of the previous networking issues.

    Unfortunately, Australian Vultr gameservers have developed the reputation of being easy to take down. Before one attack, a user said they were going to take down the server, and if we weren't using Choopa (Vultr's parent company), it wouldn't be so easy for them. And to be honest, he's right. It seems that null routes are implemented after less than 10 seconds of high traffic. Given the limited information I have about this person, they spent the next two weeks attacking any Vultr hosted gameservers they could find.

    That said, Vultr has far better performance than most other Australian providers, and the pricing is quite reasonable, but the network lags behind that of some other providers. It just seems so weird to me that Vultr is investing time/money into new cosmetic features, when there are features such as DDoS protection that could be generating profits, that aren't rolled out properly.
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    We have a client in Australia who needs DDoS protection, so we'd love to see this feature added there.
  • Would be nice for a Vultr reply... It has only been 20 days...
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    Hello, I'm sorry but we do not have any new updates regarding the DDoS filtering and mitigation feature availability in Australia at this time. We are regularly looking to expand availability of all our products in all locations but constraints specific to certain regions sometimes prevent us from offering some products as quickly as we'd like.
  • +1 for DDOS in Sydney
  • +1 DDoS protection for Australian servers
  • +1 DDoS protection for Australian servers
  • +1 DDoS protection for Australian servers
  • - Still prioritizing new locations over existing ones...

    Give us capability to host prod.....
  • Still an issue but why not launch more features that less people will use rather than improve the basic service provided... oh wait.

    The day a competing service launches with DDoS protection in Australian locations will be a great day indeed for everyone except Vultr. It is only a matter of time...
  • @BlindRouge Lose the attitude, that large chip on your shoulder will give you back ache.
  • Here in AUS we dont need DDOS protection, we only need GeoBlocking #CensusFail
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    Thanks Jamie, Clear expressions of what is required does not mean we have a chip on the shoulder! Appreciate the constructive comments to our thread!
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    @BlindRouge Oh come on! Did you read your posts? Hardly a 'clear expression of what is required', but more a sarcastic passive agressiveness (i.e. bitchy)

    ok, my reply was a bit cheeky, but I was just trying to point out your tone does you no favours. When I did system/network design, the team was inevitably passed user calls via the helpdesk.

    One guy was always bitchy, and sarcastic in a rude way. It didn't get him better treatment - exactly the opposite in fact - not out of spite, but the fact that we'd all try and avoid dealing with him, because he'd rant and moan at us over things we had no control over - often it was user-error, but would he ever accept that? NO! His loss.

    By the way, his surname was Kerr - we always referred to him as Wayne (think about it)

    When I'd just left university, I had a temporary job working in the local council in the council tax dept. Generally we had calls from people who'd had warnings about overdue payments.

    I had all sorts of threats, they'd hunt me down, one even said he had IRA friends that would bomb us. They all were noted on the system in the "twats" database... Well, it wasn't officially called that :-)

    One time, I had a dear old lady on the line who was really upset, and kind. You could tell she was honest. Husband had been in hospital. She pleaded for a 2 weel payment reprieve, and I instead froze her account for 2 months to take the stress off her.

    TL; DR

    Bitchy sarcasm gets you nowhere - it's not even that you are complaining about a fault in your contracted service!

    Anyway, sorry for hijacking your thread, I'll shut-up now -- feel free to spam any thread of mine :-)
  • +1 for DDOS
  • +1 DDOS in au - or perhaps OVH will take my $s
  • @ClapperTrap See my reply above :-)
  • @jamie what about it? I have no interest in bitchy attitude. Just would like to see DDOS as a standard feature, like at OVH. It is not supposed to be emotionally charged statement, simply factual in choosing a host based on features. I love Vultr, just want to contribute. Thanks
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