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Can you PLEASE add the ability to create DNS templates in your DNS management screen? I am moving 40+ domains over, from various customers (in different vultr accounts). Previously, I managed everything with nsd and bind, and it was easy to copy a skeleton zonefile to save time when setting up a new zone.

To set up multiple DNS zones with Vultr, I have to literally enter tons of redundant stuff through the web interface... a very slow and painful process. It would be great if I could create a "base" template (or edit the default one you use) that becomes the default when I create a new zone. It would save entering 5 google MX servers, editing your default TTLs, and creating various CNAME and TXT (including spf) records that they all share in common.

Please... at least give us the ability to modify the "default" template that is used when we create a zone!

Lewis De Payne


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