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I have 2 questions if I may.

First, I have a UK cloud intance with you anf CPanel is installed. I have it kinda working but I want the main domain to be the root IP home page. Ie, the login page without the port. Is that possible and how?

Second, I would like to add another domain with a new IP to the current CPanel instaalation. I dont mind spinning up another cloud instance for this. In fact I would like to so that the website is on its own IP and server container but mamanged through the original CPanel install. Is this possible and how, please?

Thanks in advance,
-Gary Cook


  • I know this is unmanaged but the fact is you have no staff covering this forum is really putting me off using your service.
  • 1. The easiest way would be to create a simple HTML page that just redirects to the server:port where the cPanel login page is. The visitor would just get immediately redirected to where they want to be.

    2. I don't think you can manage a server through another server's cPanel. I believe you'll either need to put the new website on the original server (which would be relatively easy) or set up a second cPanel for the second server.

    On a side note: Unmanaged means they don't answer support questions apart from ones dealing with their infrastructure. No support staff, on any unmanaged service, is going to answer questions like this one. If you want someone to answer support questions you need to use a supported service or hire someone to do this sot of thing for you.
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