Third-party payment page and/or email invoicing in Features and Ideas

As a member-supported group, we'd like to direct those wishing to support our services to a page, or to email an invoice link, and have Vultr take a payment which feeds into our account as a credit.

This would mean we don't process payments in a variety of currencies and methods, possibly avoiding multiple fees; and our members would know money was going to the service, not our pockets.

On Vultr's end this would result in positive cashflow, and may encourage customer retention, because customers have only one place to use credit.

This is similar to the donation link proposal, but wider-ranging, and is one way of implementing such a proposal. It'd be beneficial to small unincorporated groups sharing the benefit of a cloud server.

LeaseWeb supports email invoices; our members have paid them several thousand euros since 2014. This enabled us to make purchases with confidence that we'd have the funds to pay them.
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