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Hi, can I install mikrotik on Vultr VPS? please help.. thanks


  • Hi there!

    You've probably figured it out by yourself already, but if not, yes you can easily install Mikrotik CHR devices within the Vultr network with a little bit of work:

    1) Add the newest release of Alpine Linux or any other small, live linux to your account as an ISO.
    2) Create a new node with the Alpine Linux ISO, or whatever distribution you have
    3) Temporarily setup networking (ip addr / ip route) within your live linux instance, so that you will be able to download stuff
    3) Download the raw CHR image from, it is available as "Raw disk image" under the section "Cloud Hosted Router".
    4) Copy the disk image to your VPS disk, so just: dd if=mikrotik.img of=/dev/vda
    5) Unmount the ISO via the customer panel and reboot your VPS

    Now you can use Mikrotik within your Vultr VPS by starting up the console and quickly setting up networking & authentication, so that your instance is safe. Works like a charm for me!
  • Thanks for the instructions. That was very helpful.
  • is it possible to install x86 to Vultr?
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    @debiansid I think it should be possible without any problems, as ROSx86 even provides you with an ISO image. Please note that Mikrotik licensing uses attributes like the disk WWN and serial, so your license will be probably useless as soon as you recreate your Vultr VPS in any kind of way.

    Mikrotik Support will not offer a replacement key for that reason (only for failed disks and then it costs like 10$) and suggests using the CHR series, which are made for cloud usage and have their own call-home licensing.

    EDIT: If you are no longer able to use an already purchased ROSx86 key, Mikrotik offers a free CHR replacement key if you contact their support.
  • then can I get CHR license key renewed if I recreate my Vultr VPS in any time?
  • @debiansid As the CHR uses call-home licensing, every "device"/instance you own will be associated with your account. Whenever you buy a license, you are able to assign it to one of those devices. If you should ever need to recreate your Vultr VPS, you could just move/associate the license with the new instance:

    "Perpetual is a lifetime license (buy once, use forever). It is possible to transfer a perpetual license to another CHR instance."

    ( Source: )
  • 4) Copy the disk image to your VPS disk, so just: dd if=mikrotik.img of=/dev/vda
    I understand that 4
  • @adithepocz What? You can execute "dd if= of=/dev/vda" in your SSH session/shell, that's all.
  • If you can provide us with a direct download link to an uncompressed raw image, we can usually convert that to a snapshot for you. You'd need to open a ticket with the link currently.

    Note that we cannot make any promises about the resulting image actually working.
  • @neoXiD Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.
  • but i still have problem, the upload speed is only 1 mbps..., anyone have same problem??? thanks
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    @kampretz80 That's intended - Mikrotik offers free trial licenses for 60 days for all possible license levels (p1, p10, p-unlimited), after that or without a trial license it will switch to free. The free license is limited to 1Mbps upload per interface, all other functions are available without restriction. So good enough for labs, not for production usage.

    [You can read more about CHR licensing in the wiki]( For Vultr the P1 license would be sufficient (1Gbps upload per interface), so it's a one time payment of 45$.
  • Most of our machines go up to 10gbps, so really up to you if you need a higher license.
  • @NeoXiD thanks again bro, that really help. Thanks all...
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    Thanks for the guide @NeoXiD . I successfully installed a CHR image for testing purposes.

    Just for asking, is there a way I can have 2 wan Ethernet and 1 local address?

    I understand that vultr gives you the possibility to add an additional IP address, but in the same Nic (eth0) and a private one on (eth1).

    I need to have a different Ethernet port for a second IP (eth2 maybe) for testing an SD-WAN implementation.

    Do you know how to enable this eth2 Nic?

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