[Vultr DNS] Improvements in Features and Ideas

edited May 2016 in Features and Ideas
- A plugin like selectize could be used for autocompleting ip addresses in the dns editing screen. I love Vultr as is, but if i could autocomplete ip addresses from my instances, it would be a big help. as is, i currently need to open the instances screen in a seperate tag and copy/paste the ip.

- TXT records require to be entered with quotation marks. Most other DNS software inserts the quotes around the string automatically. minor pain in the butt since all autogenerated records from external services never include the quotes. for particularly long records such as those generated by mailgun and other 3rd party mail relays, it can be a real pain in the ass to navigate the string in the checkbox and insert the quotes surrounding it.

These are my two ideas for improving the components. If anyone else would like to add to this list reply here with your ideas. i will add them to the list.


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