cPanel Hourly?

I see that there's a $15 extra charge bundled in with the cPanel app for licencing.

I'm just wondering whether this $15 is also just charged hourly like the instances themselves are, or whether this is a fixed cost.

Looking at possibly changing from Virtualmin/Webmin to cPanel and want to test things out before going ahead with it, and would hate to have to pay the $15 for a few hours usage.


  • Furthermore, one more question that I may as well try to get answered at the same time; can a cPanel server also be upgraded to a higher tier plan as regular instances can?
  • Hello,

    Yes, the $15 is bundled into the hourly cost. There is no flat fee.

    cPanel can also be upgraded to higher plans, providing that the upgrade is available on the cPanel server (this will show in the Vultr control panel). Otherwise, you could use a snapshot to move the cPanel server to another instance. Keep in mind though, since the one click apps are self-managed, you may have to do some configuration within cPanel after upgrading it.
  • Thanks very much for the prompt response maul.
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