Errors on WordPress updates: owner?

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I am on my third one-click WP installation on vultr but I have never seen this: plugin updates fail because WP is unable to create folders, I think. It will download and unpacking the update, install the latest version and then fail after the message "Removing the old version of the plugin…" I think maybe some folders need to be owned by nginx? WP? I'm not quite sure how to solve this.


  • Hello,

    Yes, nginx is the correct user for WordPress perms. I haven't seen this happen on any of my instances yet, is there a particular plugin you're using that fails, or all of them?
  • Any plugin update fails, have not gotten to a theme update yet but I assume it's the same thing. Figuring out which folder to chown though...? Updates folder might be a good place to start. And I can compare to my other WP installs.
  • I found a clue at the end of this article It says to give the permissions of /var/www/wordpress to www-data user. My equivalent would be /var/www/html but I'm not sure who their www-data user is, that's not really explained.
  • Oh okay. The one-click wordpress app is setup for "nginx:nginx" on the Wordpress folder (/var/www/html/). Perhaps you made some changes to this folder as root (or another user) which resulted in mixed permissions. You can reset the files to "nginx" with "chown -R nginx:nginx /var/www/html".
  • Thanks for your help! I found the problem but I had to drill down to the plugins folder, where I discovered all the imported plugins from a migration were owned by root, not by nginx. Changing the owner fixed the update problem.
  • Glad to hear that it's working now!
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