From a HA perspective, how do I get two instances, each on a different VM?

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Hi there,
Loving Vultr so far. I have a question I cannot find the answer to but need, before buying up big!

I wish to set up a floating IP and BGP across two compute instances but would like the two instances loaded onto two physically separate VM's. Is this possible?

It's not my own systems I'm worried about failing, it's the VM I'm loaded on.

Thanks and regards,


  • Sorry, I just realized I should add that obviously, the VM's would need to reside on physically separate machines.
  • Hi James,

    We currently do not offer any features or API endpoints which let you guarantee that servers are on different VM hosts. However, we do have a tool that you can use to determine if they are on different VM hosts. See the "/v1/server/neighbors" function in our API documentation.
  • Thank you very much Maul. Much appreciated.
  • Maul,

    I have just tested:

    curl -H 'API-Key: EXAMPLE'

    using my own API key and SUBID's, all four instances responded "".

    I am assuming this means that all four of my instances reside on physically separate machine?

    Thanks and regards
  • Hi James,

    That is correct. An empty list returned by /v1/server/neighbors means that none of your other servers are on the same physical host as the server (SUBID) that was queried.

    Best regards.
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