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When I spin up a new server from a snapshot, I'm not allowed to choose a startup script. Why is this?

I've a snapshot without private networking configured, and I want to setup private networking with a startup script like this:

PRIVIP=$(curl -Ss
cat >>/etc/network/interfaces <<EONET
auto ens7
iface ens7 inet static
address $PRIVIP
mtu 1450
ifup ens7

Also the usual things like setting up iptables, updates etc.

If you don't support this currently, are you planning to add this soon?

[Edit: can't seem to get rid of a br tag after EONET, I didn't put it there.. Read it as a newline..]


  • Hello,

    Thanks for writing in. The startup script feature runs only once after the initial deployment of a Vultr instance. This action happens when launching a new standard OS or application that we offer. When you take a snapshot of a Vultr instance, the startup script would have already run, so you're "on your own" at that point. We don't have any plans to change this behavior.

    Some tips. Rather than using a snapshot, you could roll more of your configuration logic into the startup script and use a new deployment (if that works for you). Another option would be to add a second startup script before you take your snapshot, using the OS-defined way. For example, CentOS has rc.local scripts that run on boot.

    Best regards.
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