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Here is my wish list:

*** ENABLE DDOS PROTECTION AS DEFAULT for accounts. At least on Dedicated where it's free/included. Reason being, sucks to have your site go down because even though you have DDOS protection enabled, your neighbor on the same server doesn't. Enabling DDOS protection by default helps ensure neighbors being DDOS attacked don't take down all neighbors on the same machine. At the very least, enable DDOS protection for Dedicated customers by default for new instances.

*** PROVIDE MORE DEDICATED COMPUTE LOCATIONS. Self explanatory. Looks like NY and Japan are the only locations. Really need to be at every location.

*** LET'S ENCRYPT from CONTROL PANEL. We should all be using SSL/TLS. Would be great if you provided an easy way to obtain straight from the Control Panel a new SSL/TLS certification from Let's Encrypt (free).

*** GOOGLE MAIL / OFFICE 365 EMAIL from CONTROL PANEL. We all need email. Would be great if you can provide straight from the Control Panel a way for users to sign-up and create Google Apps Email or Microsoft Office 365 email.

*** BUY DOMAIN NAMES from CONTROL PANEL. Would be great if I can buy domains straight from Control Panel.

*** MANAGE DNS from CONTROL PANEL. Would be great to be able to manage DNS straight from the Control Panel.


  • @mike

    any thoughts or comments about my feature request list?
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    I'd love the interface to include way more functionality than simply provision a compute node.

    Managing DNS, domains, email, etc. all from the control panel would be fantastic. Making the control panel a one-stop shop for all things related to hosting a web site would be wonderful!

    Also, the comment about auto-enabling DDOS protection for new instances makes a lot of sense ... especially for dedicated compute (when the whole purpose of dedicated computer is to prevent noisy neighbors from affecting your environment)
  • Thank you for the feedback - we are always accepting new ideas and evaluating new suggestions as they come in. You can actually manage DNS now if you have an active account:


    And yes - more dedicated compute locations are coming, stay tuned!
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    I'm confused using the managed DNS section:



    1. Where is this linked to from the main control panel? (e.g. how do I access this beyond going straight to the URL above). Seem like this should be accessible from the control panel and I'm simply not seeing it.

    2. Can I buy domains using the link above? In playing with it, it doesn't appear so.

    3. Why is it possible to manage domains that are already owned? E.g. I entered in "yahoo.com" and it allowed me to add that domain ... which is obviously already owned and managed by Yahoo. Seems like this shouldn't be allowed/possible.

    4. Related to #1, is there any other functionality beyond DNS management I can perform that isn't readily apparently from the Control Panel?

    Thanks so much in advance for your help.
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    @BenZsolt DNS Management won't work unless you also have the rights to change that domain's name servers to ours. Adding a domain for which you cannot change the name servers won't provide much benefit to you nor cause any problems.

    You will need to first activate your account to see the DNS feature and additional subsections in the panel. We are currently running a match promo also so this is a great time to activate your account!


    Contact our billing team if you need to add this promo to your account: https://my.vultr.com/support/create_ticket/

    If you are unhappy with the service, you can always request a refund for unused credits - we have no long term contracts and you only pay for the hours you use:

  • @Mike

    Can you buy domains using DNS Management?
  • teddymac/BenZsolt, forgive me if I come off as harsh, I feel that 4 out of 6 points in the first post are a bit beyond the scope of a solid, dedicated/VPS provider. Especially given the cheap price point.
  • @arffeh

    Dreamhost.com provides ALL of the functionality above. And at similar prices to Vultr.

    Now I love Vultr and want to see them succeed.

    But your statement about being "beyond scope" is ill informed.

    If Vultr had such functionality, they would be extremely strong. And give Dreamhost customers who are unhappy with them an alternative hosting company to go to.
  • I stand corrected and will eat my words.
  • @BenZsolt, you cannot buy domains using Vultr's DNS management. It is used to manage DNS for domains you've purchased elsewhere.
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    Any thoughts with regards to adding the functionality described in the original post above of making the Vultr control panel a centralized dashboard for all of your web app needs (e.g. buy domain, creating SSL certificates, manage DNS, turn on DDOS protection for all so it ensure stable network for everyone, etc).?
  • Aside from what Mike mentioned before, I don't have much to add. I could see it happening in the long term - we closely monitor and respond to feedback as we receive it :-)
  • @maul

    >>"Aside from what Mike mentioned before, I don't have much to add."

    So what Mike said was:

    >>"And yes - more dedicated compute locations are coming, stay tuned! "

    So besides the fact that more dedicate compute locations are coming, it doesn't like any consideration of adding:

    - domain purchasing/registration, nor
    - creating SSL certificates (from Let's Encrypt), nor
    - enabling DDOS protection on all compute nodes to prevent noisy neighbors

    Etc are being consider to be added to the Control Panel.

    :( :( ;(
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    All features are being considered although domain purchasing and SSL creation are not currently on our under-development list.

    Vultr already utilizes active, infrastructure-level, DDoS detection to prevent noisy neighbor issues. Therefore, the level of DDoS protection another customer chooses has no impact on your instance uptime unless you are the specific target of such an attack.

    The DDoS mitigation add-on is available for an additional price and allows your specific instances to sustain higher level of attacks. You can read more about DDoS mitigation here: https://www.vultr.com/ddos/
  • "Remember when Altavista tried to become a one-stop-shop for everything?"

    "Alta who?"


    More features are always nice, but domain buying, and SSL certificate setups? There are already many companies that do that well, and it's not exactly hard to bookmark a link to them!

  • @jamie

    "Remember when Altavista tried to become a one-stop-shop for everything?"

    "Alta who?"



    You mean like Google?

    Who provides domain buying, dns, email, compute, etc.

    Under your logic, Google is doomed.

    It's seems to be working for them.
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    @BenZsolt Google who? :-)

    OK, whilst sure, vultr could do this, as successful as they are, they are not as big as google.

    I'd personally prefer them to use their resources developing new VPS features that will make us happy, and make their offerings more attractive to new customers, than waste resources on something which is done in a million other places, and contains little profit due to the competition out there, and would invariably tie up staff on admin and support calls.

    And what is the current downside? Having to pay 2 seperate companies instead of one? You know, you can always create this thing called a bookmark which will make it easy to switch between Vultrs site, and a registrars site (See? I can do ad hominem sarcasm too!)
  • With SSL becoming more and more a free item which is tied into web host control panels now certainly can forget about it.

    In some sense Vultr could lose some business from people like me who provide hosting services using the vultr platform a clicky customer knows that we use Vultr and if vultr offered practically our set of tools then why wouldnt my customer just jump ship to the source.
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    @BenZsolt @virami ok, fair enough.. I suppose I was thinking in terms of my usage, where I keep all instances under the same domain name.

    I guess if you are generally registering a new domain name per instance, it could be useful.

    Damn! I;m admitting I'm wrong.... ON THE INTERNET!
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