Problems with payment by credit card!!!! in Pre Sales Questions

edited September 2016 in Pre Sales Questions
During tre days I can not pay for the service.
Podderdki responds very slowly.
Submitted document confirming the fact that the card belongs to me.
But problemmu have not solved, why ???


  • In absense of any other reply, I csn tell you that the Vultr staff will ask you to open a support ticket on this issue, as it can't be solved on the forum.
  • Reaching them out of business hours? - in saying that I had no problems when I had to do it.

  • dondon
    edited September 2016
    To tie this off, the alleged 'problems' were likely due to the fact that the registrant attempted to make 23 different deposits with nine (9) different cards. All transactions were denied #fraudscreeningFTW (and thanks to jamie & virami for your continued involvement and support).
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