Email Server Instructions followed - What next? in Help

This is my first shot at setting up a server / mail server and am hoping I can get some guidence...

I've followed instructions here: to set up email server.

Is this complete list of tasks needed to get server configured or more needs to done?

How do I set up SPF and DKIM?
Where can I find IMAP and SMTP settings?
Where can I find MX records to point to?

Also, what the best way to create a snapshot/image of this server so I can save time when launch this for other clients in the future?

Help is appreciated.



  • If you don't have any experience running or managing an email server then I recommend that you don't.

    Running a reliable email server is almost an artform in itself these days and any mistake can get your server blacklisted on any number of spam/blocklists.

    I recommend that you host your email on google apps, or any other reputable service provider.

    But to answer your questions, SPF and DKIM are usually setup as TXT records on your DNS server. MX records are a specific DNS record as well.

    IMAP and SMTP settings I'm not sure what you mean, but it should be your server's ip/fqdn?
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