Vultr newbie questions RE R1Soft

1) Can I use an instance to backup data from external servers (e.g. using R1soft)
2) If I order a VPS + Storage, will that work for an R1 Soft solution?
3) What specs would you recommend for running R1 Soft


  • It seems that all these questions are 99% related to R1Soft and not with vultr or any specific hosting platform.
    See requirements here:
  • It seems that you didn't read properly! If you re-read question one, I think you find I was asking about backing up to a VULTR instance.
  • I'd agree with @quake. you'd be better off asking R1 soft. The instances are a server like any other, you can do whatever with them.
    If you can do it with a physical server in your location, you can very likely do it with a Vultr instance.
  • @ClapperTrap Hey clapper I wouldn't recommend using Vultr for backups - the storage cost is just not reasonable for this type of solution I'd definitely recommend spinning rust for backups at this point of time.
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    thanks @virami can you please elaborate?
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