Block Storage in other locations?


Is there any plan to expand block storage to other locations. I am particularly interested in the Miami location.



  • Bulk storage of any variety has been on peoples wishlist for quite some time.
    This thread goes back to May 2014 for instance, however this is requesting the storage instances, whereas block storage is relatively new.

    I'm unsure why the rollout for storage-based services have been so slow. Maybe DaveA could shed some light on the matter?
  • While we do intend to expand block storage to more locations, we do not have an official roadmap for Miami storage expansion at this time. To answer Arfehh's question, our team has focused a large part of our time and energy in expanding our high performance SSD product line around the world - if you have any specific follow ups, feel free to send me a PM.

    Thank you for your interest!
  • Hi,

    I would love to see block storage in Miami!

    Why Miami? It's the best location for serving Latin American clients which is the main focus for one of our apps.

    So any updates regarding plans to expand block storage to Miami? Is it on a road map now?
  • Similar curiosity for the Sydney region. It's been many years since NY/NJ got block storage, and we may need to move out of Vultr if we cannot expand our storage without the need to upgrade the entire instance. We need more block storage, not a doubling of CPU, RAM and cost.

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