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This is an idea surely everyone from Australia using paypal would love, the ability to pay for the sydney location in AUD rather than USD, why?

although a plan is $64USD (4cores 8GB) that converts to around$86AUD at the moment, but thats not the issue, the issue is that for anyone who pays for that by paypal, has to also pay the exchange rates which effectively make your plans cost the end user $90-95AUD.

Understandably Vultrs primary currency is USD but surely as they are paying for hardware in Australia they'd have a use for the Australian dollar, and i'd doubt that 100% of users using the Sydney location would select the USD option so you'd still be getting your flow of USD from that location.

Could you guys think about adding the ability for accounts to be isolated to Australia if requested and thus billed in AUD?


  • I agree that paying for local servers in AUD would be great as it costs too much is USD.
  • Being able to pay in AUD for service hosted in Oz would be great.
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  • Still no input from vultr on this :(
  • Hey guys,
    You realise if vultr does provide an AUD payment option, it will be pegged to the exchange rate, and most likely we will have to pay GST on top of that price?
  • @AHBIT

    Huh? It's already pegged to the exchange rate as calculated by your Australian bank when the transaction is initiated. ANZ, Westpac and NAB have exchange rates that are about 4.5% higher than mid-market rates, Commonwealth Bank transactions are about 5.3% higher. US banks tend to charge less.

    And no, we don't pay GST on top of that price (Vultr is not registered to collect GST).

    I'd prefer to have the amount I'm paying match the amount that comes out of my bank account.
    Given that there is several days between the initial transaction and the actual transfer of funds to Vultr, and the exchange rate is calculated at the time of the initial transaction, it'd seem simpler for both parties.
  • Unfortunately, the momentum on this post seemed to die. AUD options for Australian providers would be awesome.

    Vultr is now charging GST for Australian servers.

    Even with a pegged exchange rate, the fluctuations in cost could be pegged a little more.
  • If Vultr is registered for GST, surely they can bill in AUD. I just got billed $14 for a $10 deposit. it's not a lot of money, but 40% is a significant difference between what is invoiced and what is actually billed.
  • Bump - my $5pm instance billed at $9. Rather they just advertise what it will actually cost.

  • Consider using a TransferWise or Revolut bank account to avoid high exchange rates.

    Paying by debit/credit is usually cheaper than PayPal, because PayPal gives an abysmal exchange rate AND charges you a service fee. Contact your bank to ask about exchange rates.

    if Vultr accepts AUD, you're asking them to pick up the cost of exchange and/or operating an AU account. This could affect your costs and defeat the purpose.

    It would suit the customer better if the customer found a way to get the best exchange rate, and paid months in advance to avoid individual transfer fees.

    If Vultr accepts AUD, it makes the cost of service higher.

    Vultr might also consider a Wire Transfer via Transferwise if the amount is large enough ($1000+? $5000+?).

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