Sydney DC Slow Download

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Hi Everyone,

I have had issues with slow download to my vm's in the Sydney DC, update and ping is fine just slow download. Anyone else having issues?




  • Where are you downloading from?
    Have you run other tests, pulling down from other servers/address?

    I haven't noticed any slowdown in any of the nodes in Sydney myself.

  • Generally, anywhere

    I have only been get 20mb/s down on beta.speedtest from a several servers but 500Mb/s+ up and 1ms ping,

    That is on a $20 server instance running server 2012 r2, my ubuntu web server is having issues even downloading sentora
  • This is the kind of thing that's really better handled via a ticket then on the forums. If you do open a ticket, please include a traceroute/MTR to/from your server.
  • I did talk to support but is seems to be a PFSense related issue.

    I had no issue with IPFire as I firewall appliance. It seems to be a combination of PFSense/BSD and the VirtIO drivers/KVM.

    Has anyone else come accross this before?
  • IIRC, disable TSO on the virtual NIC and your throughput should improve. The FreeBSD virtio driver has problems with this.
  • Err, no change...

    if only ipfire wasnt so clumsy
  • Hi,
    Have you disabled
    - Hardware checksum offloading
    - TCP Hardware Segmentation offload
    Im currently running a few Pfsense nodes, and those options have generally solved my issues.
    If you are putting nodes behind the instance, make sure you are setting the correct MTU, It makes a big difference :)

  • Thanks AHBIT and devicenull,

    The default install of 2.2.6 had TSO and LRO off by default,

    The issue was resolved by also disable hardware checksum offloading, I now get ~600 down and ~600 up.

    Thanks Again, TheFatHacker
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