Is down/upgrade possible?

Hi all, just a quick question. If I took the $5/month plan and decide to upgrade to the $10 or even $20. Is this possible? Also what will happen to my sites then.

Alternatively, if I took the $10/month and decide it's too much for my needs, can i downgrade?


  • You can't downgrade with Vultr at this time - upgrading is fine as long as the hostnode has sufficient resources - other options in the case of insufficient resources include creating a floating ip and a snapshot.
  • Upgrades are not a problem. The main issue with downgrades is that it's very difficult to shrink a servers disk without the risk of data loss, especially considering the wide array of operating systems and Custom ISO support we offer.

    While not as convenient as a one click solution, you can of course spin up a new server and manually transfer your configs & data if needed. You can even maintain your IP using our Reserved IP feature.
  • Hi Mike, how to upgrade the droplet without donwtime for my site? thank you...
  • An upgrade without downtime is currently not possible - there will be a short period of downtime while the instance resizes/increases the disk.
  • @ciramudya If there isn't much stored state on the server (I mean, data files etc. being updated) you could just snapshot it, restore the snapshot to a new instance, upgraded, then when it's ready, change the DNS entry, and run the old and new in parallel until the old DNS cache has expired. It depends what services you are providing though
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