Shouldn't be get charged in full price while deploying

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Dear Vultr,

I've tried to deploy a new server from a snapshot.
The problem is that while you're deploying (I think the longest task behind the scene is: copying the snapshot to target location) I still be get charged with full price of the VM size.

In my opinion, I think Vultr should charge the fee of copying/maintaining the snapshot only. If Vultr has done thing right, the resources shouldn't be allocated for me while preparing snapshot/ISO,... then I don't have to pay for that.

The bill is not much but doesn't make scene, hope Vultr could understand.


  • Hello,

    If you still have questions, please open a support ticket so we can look at your account in closer detail.

    In general, the first deployment of a snapshot from one datacenter to a new location will take longer than normal. This is due to the transfer delay associated with syncing the snapshot from a remote datacenter to your new instance. Subsequent deploys in the same location will be much faster since the snapshot will now be available locally in that datacenter.
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