how to pronounce "VULTR"

Certainly a silly question, but I was in a meeting going over hosting options, and was not sure how to pronounce VULTR. So, looking for the canonical answer here.



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    This is not silly at all, kind sir. We pronounce the word VULTR like one would pronounce the bird.* Thanks for asking (as opposed to trying and garbling it**)!

    *apologies to Fans of a specific 'Family Guy' episode...
    **...and to all pun-phobic turkeys and/or turkey vultures.
  • Oh good, I'd always assumed it was "vulture'.

    However, I think I will start a "campaign for real English" demonstration, and ask, ney, demand that all pronunciation from this point forward shall be "vult ahh".

    It will be the stocks for those who disobey!

    Sincerely, Jam-me.
  • I have been pronouncing it more like "vult-r" or "vault air" so it's nice to see this cleared up.
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    I've always known it was vulture. Their logo gives it away
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