how to change my VPS's IP Address?

I cannot connect to my VPS's public IP Address by Xsheel 5?

can I change it?

Could not connect to '' (port 22): Connection failed.


  • @ljhForVultr

    I doubt that is the reason it's failing, but if you really want to change the IP, I think the only easy way would be to take a snapshot of the server, then make a new server from the snapshot, then delete the snapshot and the original server. In fact, if you test the new server before deleting the old one, you may decide to keep the old one if the issue still remains!

    Apart from a bit of waiting, it's not a lot of effort - only a few clicks, and maybe a couple of cents charged!

  • @ljhForVultr

    I just tried connecting from inside New Jersey - where your server is - and I could not reach the IP at all.

    So, unless your machine is down, or you've added a firewall, there's something wrong with the configuration.
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