Additional Public Interface

I'm experimenting with a firewall platform on Vultr. It has a number fo virtual interfaces that can be assigned to process traffic, however the first interface is assigned to the management plane on the firewall, and this can't be changed.

Is it possible to assign the second interface on a virtual machine to a public interface profile? Or is can addition interfaces only be assigned to Private networks?



  • We do not offer additional public interfaces, only private.
  • Bump.

    Sorry i know this is an old thread, but i have the same issue.

    I know Vultr doesn't support additional interfaces with public IPs, but..

    It'd be nice if we could have the primary interface be a private network, and we add a secondary interface with a public IP. Overall it's fine if only 1 interface can have a public, as long as it's not necessarily the first interface.

    That would also open up the private cloud space a bit. There are times i don't want a public ip on the box, but instead i want a gateway box which controls access to the boxes within the private network. If the primary nic only has a private address it'd be much more secure and easier to control access. This could also save on overall public IP usage.

    Just a thought, i know it's currently not supported, but if you ask me it's one of the features that is missing. We can do this with the big names in the space (AWS, Azure, GCP), it would definitely be a plus to do it here. Plus it would allow Juniper vSRX on the platform, which would be another huge plus for security and VPN control!!

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