raise snapshot limit >11

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Right now there seems to be a limit on number of snapshots you can hold @11 snapshots max for all VPS in my account.

That is no way enough if I am doing tests. Any plans to raise snapshot limit past 11 ?

With current limits on snapshots, it makes my Vultr account pretty much useful for tests I do.


  • Is there really such a limit? I haven't reached 11 snapshots but I've asked support specifically about this matter, and they didn't give me a figure. So I assumed it was unlimited for the beta period.

    If per account is limited to 11 snapshots, for me as a reseller, that would be disaster.
    Someone on Vultr Staff please enlighten us about this.
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    yeah i hit 11 snapshot limit months ago, so had to go back to using another provider for testing stuff :(

    edit: above meant to say "it makes my Vultr account pretty much **useless** for tests I do."
  • We will allow our admins to review and increase the default account snapshot limits by support ticket request in the coming days.
  • ...any updates on this? What is the current snapshot limit?
  • It is 10. However, we now allow increasing this to a custom account on a case by case basis by support ticket.
  • I see the same limit. And can only delete previous snapshots.
  • Well, what Mike said is not true anymore. I asked and they refused.
  • @nullmem @mike - that's not good if we can get the amount of instances raised. Hopefully Vultr changes that soon.
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