Re-assign an active reserved IP to a new instance

Hi Everyone,

Currently I have a VPS instance in Sydney that is having problem (Vultr is still working on it).

I have a recent snapshot which I want to restore to a new instance to provide services to customers. However, I would like to use the original instance's IP address, is there any way to re-assign that IP address to the new instance for the moment, and then put it back to the original one when it is working again?



  • What is the issue with the other instance that requires vultr help if i was you i would forget about the problematic instance get a fresh snapshot delete it and create a new node from the snapshot.
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    @jimbob No. I'm assuming your service isn't something that uses DNS?

    You don't say what's wrong with your instance, or what services you supply.

    What you could do is create the new instance, and if your old instance is actually up on the OS level, shove a relay there to relay traffic to the new instance.

    Or, if your snapshot is sufficient, why not just do a rebuild of the old instance from scratch, using the snapshot. Then the IP address won't change.

    Longer term, there is an option to buy IP addresses that are assigned to your account, rather than your instance. If you had one of those, you could do exactly as you suggest (for obvious reasons, the IP address is still tied to geographic location)

    If you run a service which does't use DNS, this option may be useful in future.
  • You could reserve the IP first, then rebuild from snapshot using the reserved IP

  • @JustCheckin you just solved my problem. Thanks

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